Niche Group 美驰集团(香港)有限公司


Introduction 介绍

Niche Group Ltd, is incorporated in Hong Kong with worldwide business entity. Our business profile involve international trading, food production, food retailing, food & beverage outlets, manufacturing and marketing of world-renowned branded light sport aircrafts “JetFox”.

The Niche Group is the market leader in the Asian casual dining sector, operating PappaSan, PappaGourmet Restaurant, Café Niche, PappaGourmet Coffee & Bun, RVBurger, PappaSan17 & Canal18.

Niche Group’s restaurants are positioned to offer a great dining out experience and exceptional value for money. Niche Group’s distinct brands have broad appeal and serving authentic Asian delicious cuisines to our esteemed customers.  The Group operates in a variety of locations, from shopping malls, business centres, retail and leisure areas.


Food & Beverage outlets and brands under the umbrella of Niche Group Ltd:

  • PappaSan Restaurant – The Destination Restaurant, Asian and European Cuisines
  • Café Niche, South East Asia delights
  • Pappa Gourmet White Coffee Restaurant, Asian Cuisines
  • Pappa Gourmet – Coffee & Buns
  • RVBurger – Pasta & Grill
  • PappaSan17 – Asian & Western Cuisines
  • Canal18 – Izakaya Bar

The Niche Group’s operations are in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan.

At Niche Group, we embody these values. We celebrate these traditional classic values: good food, friendly smiles, authentic dishes and most importantly, the ever popular and affordable price.   Niche Group’s restaurant brands are and will always be located at frequented public locations such as shopping malls, airport lounges and business centers.

We are committed to the development, market research and modernisation of the products and services to all our esteemed customers, have always been our strength and this has made us the preferred partner in the Food & Beverage industry.  Experience the tradition of Asian quality and share our commitment to excellence and passion.





  • PappaSan  帕帕膳, 主题餐厅, 亚洲与欧洲美食
  • Café Niche尼积咖啡东南亚美食咖啡厅
  • PappaGourmet 帕帕珍味马来西亚白咖啡餐厅,亚洲美食
  • PappaGourmet  帕帕珍味 咖啡与包店 
  • RVBurger RV汉堡
  • JetFox – Light Sports Aircraft,杰飞, 軽型运动飞机


More Information

For members of the public, stay tuned to for the latest news development on Niche Group Pte Ltd’s prospective events. 

For Clients, feel free to search through our website & each individual brand’s website for further information today.

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